Ektron updating search catalogs

Note that if a separate database server is outside the load balance cluster (as shown below), e Sync only synchronizes documents and files used by the search among the clustered servers. Beginning with Assume your load balanced cluster consists of 2 staging servers (S1 and S2) and 2 production servers (P1 and P2).If you add/modify/delete a file on S1, to get the file to S2, you must run either a download sync on S2, or an upload sync on S1, or a bidirectional sync from either server.This feature is explained in Balancing the Load on Your Servers.If your site uses load balancing, you can set up e Sync so that, after one server in a load balance cluster is synchronized, the other servers are automatically synchronized.Unfortunately FS-Search-Server feature is not available on Windows 2008 Web Edition. It is manageable through Computer Managemnet applet (compmgmt.msc), or (not in Control Panel applets any more, but you still can find it if you know what to look for). I am using ASP 3.0 (I know, I know....) Nevertheless, indexing service (ixsso.dll) code is the only code I couldn't get working from our upgrade from win 2k to win2k8. NET Code as I've seen some people claiming it works in . I have to admit I may still be doing something wrong, but it seems hopeless.As a result, I have to use Indexing-Service feature. Could not think of it myself, had to ask MS guys about it. Also, I setup Windows Search Service and was able to make that work programmatically and in every way I did with Indexing Service, except there doesn't seem to be any characterization property. Microsoft themselves admits that the integration between Indexing and IIS7 on Windows Server 2K8 has been broken.Hello, Back in the old days on IIS6/Windows 2003, I used to configure Indexing Service and use ixsso. I quite liked the functionality, and would like to reproduce it on Win2008/IIS7. I have followed all of their recommendations, including the administrator manual, online documentation, and forum posts that amounted to a lot of registry editing but no results. Query object fails now when I try to run the same code I used to on Server 20.

If you upgrade from an older version of Ektron, the UTC Converter is automatically run after the database upgrade is complete. Faizal We are experiencing a similar problem with IIS 7 Windows 2008 Indexing Service.Query to work in ASP 3.0 (If possible) and/or is there characterization in Windows Search Service. I've used Zoom Search ( before and have been happy with the results, but you'll need to pay for it to get the full benefit. This means it can coexist with previous versions on the same machine—the template directories are independent.If you are upgrading from version 8.0 or higher, follow the instructions in this section. server controls or API calls, the page returns a fatal error Compiler failed with Error Code 2000.

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